Greek Life Oval Emblem

Demonstrate your pride for the great times that you had in your college fraternity or sorority with this beautiful three-line oval emblem. Your fraternity or sorority letters are prominently displayed in beautiful Genuine 23 Karat Gold Leaf with your college or university name and years in Genuine Silver Leaf. Twin border stripes complete the emblem, with a range of colors available for selection that can be used to represent your school colors.

Sample Emblem for an Alpha Sigma Phi Alum from Penn State with Light Blue and White Borders

Sample Emblem for a Theta Chi Alum from Clemson University with Orange and White Borders

Sample Emblem for an Alpha Tau Omega Alum from Michigan State with Green and White Borders

Sample Emblem for a Sigma Alpha Epsilon Alum from the Univ. of Delaware with Light Blue and Yellow Borders

Sample Emblem for a Chi Phi Alum from Boston University with Dark Red and White Borders

Sample Emblem for a Phi Gamma Delta Alum from Florida State with Dark Red and Yellow Borders

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All oval emblems are made with durable 10 mil polycarbonate. Artwork is rendered against a black background on the reverse side of each emblem, such that the polycarbonate acts as a protective laminate. Each oval emblem measures 5 1/2" in width and 3 5/8" in height. The emblem back has a double-sided 3M mounting adhesive attached to it, with release paper which must be removed just prior to mounting of the emblem on any flat, clean, dry, wax-free surface. Please note that once an emblem has been positioned on a suitable surface, it cannot be repositioned without possible damage to the artwork.

All Genuine 23K Gold Leaf and Genuine Silver Leaf is hand-laid and hand-burnished by the artist. Images are for reference purposes only and do not reflect fully the details of your final, customized product. In particular, font sizes and letter widths may be adjusted based on the number of characters entered, in order to accommodate the space for text in a given design.

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